WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate 2

WordPress 4.6 Release Candidate 2 was auto installed recently. The white screen experienced installing RC1 was definitely tied to the WP Multi Network plugin. The conflict was stated in advance on WordPress.org, but I didn’t recall that being stated when I installed the RC.

The other problem of AJC not being visible was also resolved. I needed to go to the plugin page while WP Multi Network was moved out of the plugin folder so it would be deactivated. I did this for Ajorel during our troubleshooting session, but it needed to be done for each network on the installation, not just the installation.

The only remaining problem is an admin redirect isn’t working for AJC, but is for Ajorel. It’s not a big deal, but confusing. With that being the only remaining issue I now feel like I can actually start testing this version.