Jetpack by 4.2.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 4.2.1, from version 4.1.1. Changelogs:


  • We fixed a conflict between Jetpack and W3 Total Cache.
  • We fixed some issues with Publicize and Custom Post Types.
  • Very large Multisite networks with lots of users can now be synchronized with
  • We improved the synchronization process between your site and


  • We’ve improved Jetpack’s performance by making calls to the database more efficient; essentially, Jetpack is doing less on each page load, making things faster.
  • We’ve ensured that every feature uses information that is up to date by completely refactoring the way information was synchronized between your site and
  • We’ve improved the way Jetpack queries for information about features, which results in less overall queries.
  • We now track your visitor views of Carousel images in stats.
  • You can now customize advanced typographic settings like ligatures in the Custom CSS editor with new support for the font-feature-settings property.
  • We’ve improved the experience when you don’t actually have enough posts to Infinitely Scroll.
  • Our Contact Info Widget allows you to enter a Google Maps API Key which is now required by Google if you want to display a map.
  • We’re continuing our efforts to harden Jetpack security, by implementing the hash_equals() function to avoid timing attacks when comparing strings. We also improved security on CSVs exported from your contact form.
  • The Cartodb shortcode has been changed to match the new product name, Carto.
  • The YouTube shortcode now uses the content width defined by the theme when available, even if an embed size was defined in an old version of WordPress.
  • Breadcrumbs now support hierarchical post types and taxonomies.
  • We’ve added the Portfolio Post Type to the REST API whitelist.
  • There are a few new parameters for the Dailymotion shortcode.
  • We now work well with WP Stagecoach staging sites, so you should not see any future impact on production sites.
  • We had some PHP notices popping up in the WooCommerce plugin wizard screen, these are gone.
  • We stopped loading compatibility stylesheets on the default theme’s singular views for Infinite Scroll.
  • Debug tests forwarded through the contact form in the Jetpack Debug menu are now successfully sent to the support team.
  • We’ve removed the PHP notices you might have seen when moderating comments.
  • There are no longer PHP notices cropping up when publishing via Cron.
  • We’ve fixed the official Sharing buttons so they now line up just right.
  • The PHP warnings of Sitemaps stylesheets have been eliminated.
  • We’ve done away with the warnings that appeared when Tonesque processes a file which claims to be one filetype, but is actually another.
  • We’ve exterminated PHP notices that appeared when using Random Redirect, as well as when the author wasn’t set.