Sucuri Security 1.7.19

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.7.19, from version 1.7.17. Version 1.7.18 was intentionally skipped because of a permission error, but I don’t remember the details. Changelog:


  • Added function to rescue HTTP requests using sockets
  • Fixed mishandled JSON data in audit logs Ajax request
  • Modified list of CloudProxy features and promo video


  • Added options library using external file instead of the database
  • Modified API calls using custom HTTP request using Curl
  • Fixed core files marked as broken in a Windows server
  • Fixed pagination links in last and failed logins page
  • Fixed password with ampersands in email notification
  • Fixed whitelist hardening using the authz_core module
  • Removed unnecessary emails to reduce spam
  • Added constant to stop execution of admin init hooks
  • Added explanation for invalid emails and no MX records
  • Added link to open the form to insert the API key manually
  • Added more options in the IP discoverer setting
  • Added option to configure malware scanner timeout
  • Added option to configure the API communication protocol
  • Added option to reset the malware scanner cache
  • Added scheduled task and email alert for available updates
  • Added tool to block user accounts from attempting a login
  • Added tool to debug HTTP requests to the API services
  • Various minor adjustments and fixes