BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Remote destination Dropbox (v1) will cease to function as of September 28, 2016, as Dropbox is retiring it. If you are using this destination you must update to using the newer Dropbox (v2) destination or your remote destination usage will be interrupted. See
  • Added additional logging to Stash Live state variable not being an object to aid troubleshooting live periodic.
  • Stash Live: Added warnings if deep file scan max time is negative, indicating very low php runtime.
  • Updated Google Drive instructions to reflect their changes.
  • Fixed Integrity Check setting to properly indicate that it should only be _UN_selected if instructed by support.
  • Updated Integrity Check setting description for profiles to match global settings text.
  • Stash Live: A detected PHP execution time limit below 30 seconds displays an alert on the Stash Live page with instructions to contact host.
  • Added some wiggle room to detected PHP value so 1 or 2 seconds below 30 will not result in potential false warning.
  • Stash Live: Troubleshooting log now more explicitly notes low PHP runtime in highlights.
  • Stash Live: Troubleshooting log now note low PHP runtime in ‘alerts’ section as it is critical if it is below 30 seconds.
  • Removed Windows server performance boost notification as zip.exe/unzip.exe are no longer supported with modern zip library.
  • Stash Live: Fixed bug causing PHP runtime override Advanced Setting to become populated with recent detected value.
  • Stash Live: Max php runtime detected now stored in _max_time variable as to not override manually entered max_time value.
  • Fixed exclusion button for files not working since recent quick release.
  • Fixed PHP warning when running Server Tools cron section via script and not UI.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added additional logging of “Guzzle client cainfo” which includes any ca cert path/info overrides to help troubleshoot.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added additional logging of “Guzzle client set to not validate peer nor host!” to verify when SSL validation is disabled.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added new option to disable validation of host and peer to work around host certificate issues. Use with caution and only if directed by support.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Now defaulting to using included certificate bundle in options.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Improved option to control whether bundles or server certificate was to be use.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Changed option “Use included certificate bundle” to “Use server certificate bundle”.
  • Overdue cron warning now indicates how long past due the cron is.
  • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now detected, resulting in warnings being displayed (on Stash Live page, traditional backup page, and Server Tools section) as their cron system is currently broken.
  • GoDaddy is aware of their broken cron system but there is not an ETA on is being fixed. Please contact their support for updates.
  • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now results in a warning being added to the Server Tools page.
  • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now results in warnings, highlights, and alerts displaying in the Stash Live Troubleshooting data.
  • Form validation “number” requirement no longer rejects a blank string as invalid.