BuddyPress 2.6.0

BuddyPress was updated to version 2.6.0, from version 2.5.3. Changelog:

  • Activity Embeds – If you are using WordPress 4.5+, copy the permalink URL of the activity of your choice, paste it into the content editor of your WordPress post or page, and voilà!, you’ve embedded an activity update. Watch the Activity Embeds demo and view the codex article for more info.
  • Custom Front Page for Member Profile – Theme developers or site owners can create custom front pages for their community’s members by adding a front.php template to their template overrides. A specific template hierarchy is also available to make them even more unique.
  • Receive Screen Notifications for Activity Comments and Activity Replies – If you regularly receive replies to activity updates, BuddyPress now adds screen notifications to help notify you about these replies.
  • Improved activity integration with WordPress comment moderation – If a user posts an activity item that hits a WordPress comment moderation filter, a descriptive error will be displayed instead of a generic one.
  • Group Types API – Registering group types finally enables a strict separation of different and explicit types of groups. This new feature is available to plugin developers starting with BuddyPress 2.6.
  • New Navigation API – The member and group navigation system has been totally rewritten, making it easier than ever to customize BuddyPress nav items. If you are directly accessing buddypress()->bp_nav or buddypress()->bp_options_nav, be aware that this type of access will be deprecated in 2.6.0.
  • Companion stylesheets for Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten – BuddyPress feels right at home now in the classic default themes, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.
  • Performance enhancements – Class autoloading reduces the memory needed to run BuddyPress on your server. Improved caching strategies for group membership statuses mean fewer round trips to your overworked database server.
  • Localization Improvements – Improved localization strings and comments help translators do their much-appreciated work: making BuddyPress available in many languages.
  • Accessibility Upgrades – Continued improvements help make BuddyPress’ back- and front-end screens usable for everyone (and on more devices).