BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Form validation “number” requirement no longer rejects a blank string as invalid.

  • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now detected, resulting in warnings being displayed (on Stash Live page, traditional backup page, and Server Tools section) as their cron system is currently broken.
  • GoDaddy is aware of their broken cron system but there is not an ETA on is being fixed. Please contact their support for updates.
  • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now results in a warning being added to the Server Tools page.GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting now results in warnings, highlights, and alerts displaying in the Stash Live Troubleshooting data.

  • Fixed PHP warning when running Server Tools cron section via script and not UI.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added additional logging of “Guzzle client cainfo” which includes any ca cert path/info overrides to help troubleshoot.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added additional logging of “Guzzle client set to not validate peer nor host!” to verify when SSL validation is disabled.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Added new option to disable validation of host and peer to work around host certificate issues. Use with caution and only if directed by support.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Now defaulting to using included certificate bundle in options.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Improved option to control whether bundles or server certificate was to be use.
  • S32, Stash2, Stash Live: Changed option “Use included certificate bundle” to “Use server certificate bundle”.
  • Overdue cron warning now indicates how long past due the cron is.

  • Removed Windows server performance boost notification as zip.exe/unzip.exe are no longer supported with modern zip library.
  • Stash Live: Fixed bug causing PHP runtime override Advanced Setting to become populated with recent detected value.
  • Stash Live: Max php runtime detected now stored in _max_time variable as to not override manually entered max_time value.
  • Fixed exclusion button for files not working since recent quick release.