iThemes Security 5.4.2

iThemes Security was updated to version 5.4.2, from version 5.3.7. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Fixed links to Settings, Logs, and creating a backup on Multisite.
  • Enhancement: The “Write to Files” setting is now enabled by default.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed error that would prevent nginx servers from being able to make use of the “Reduce Comment Spam” feature of the WordPress Tweaks module.
  • Bug Fix: Restored missing log filter for 404 Detection log entries.


  • Enhancement: New user interface with both grid and list views for managing settings.
  • Enhancement: New automatic temp whitelisting of IPs for users that manage iThemes Security settings.
  • Enhancement: Better feedback on errors when modifying wp-config.php or server config files.
  • Enhancement: Improved code efficiency of the Away Mode feature so that it takes less processing time when active.
  • Enhancement: Rather than disabling features that have invalid user input, the user now can fix the issue before saving.
  • Enhancement: Improved the efficiency of the plugin’s loading code, reducing the amount of time taken to run the plugin.
  • New Feature: Global settings now has a “Show Error Codes” setting that can provide an error message’s specific error code when it is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: More than one IP can now be temp whitelisted.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where some modules would be enabled or disabled when they shouldn’t be after upgrading to the latest version.
  • Bug Fix: Will not send notification emails about the new login address when Hide Backend is enabled and doing an upgrade.
  • Compatibility Fix: Updated handling of wp_remote_get() responses in preparation for changes coming in WordPress 4.6.