BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Loading fileoptions now logs how much memory increased to help get an idea of memory usage, especially for Stash Live with large numbers of files.

  • Stash Live: Added headway cache directory to auto-exclude.
  • Added additional logging for Stash API calls failing to track URL that failed.
  • Added additional logging to S3 (v2) API calls failing to track URL that failed.
  • Improved stats on whether restore is a deployment.
  • Fixed Stash Live error message showing too long after file send errors fixed.

  • Improved Sync logging for new Sync features.
  • Release of quick release updates
  • Stash Live: Fixed single quote in JSON data breaking javascript due to some last_status messages.

  • Fixed undefined index for pb_backupbuddy::$options[‘max_execution_time’] when running in importbuddy.
  • Fixed mysql_error() call without checking to see if it was available.
  • Fixed Dropbox (v2) error calling PB logging due to namespacing.