Gravity Forms Signature Add-On 3.0

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On was updated to version 3.0, from version 2.4. Changelog:

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.0.
  • Added GF_Field_Signature.
  • Updated SuperSignature to version
  • Fixed an issue where the old signature file was not deleted when using the ‘sign again’ link.
  • Fixed an issue where the signature files would remain when permanently deleting all the entries for a form.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the signature canvas being displayed after deleting the existing signature when editing an entry.
  • Fixed some strings in the form editor which were untranslatable.
  • Fixed an issue with the borderStyle setting.
  • Updated to only include the deleteSignature script on the entry detail edit page.
  • Updated location of Signature field settings so they are now located on the Appearance tab.
  • Updated SuperSignature; fixing a vertical offset issue with the touch point/capture location when the WP admin bar is present on a mobile device.
  • Removed Browser.php.