BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Now removing Stash Live admin bar when menu item is hidden.
  • Updates to Sync logging.
  • Stash Live: Don’t add log entries to report Logging is turned disabled.
  • Report on View Log screen.
  • Stash Live: When Logging is changed from Enabled to Disabled, add an entry in the Log to note that.
  • Stash Live: Add percentage tracker to file size calculator.
  • Stash Live: Don’t log Catalog additions if log level isn’t 3.
  • Amazon S3 (v2): Added additional logging when etag verificiation fails for troubleshooting.
  • Stash Live: No longer trimming send logs before each logs’ respective fileoptions file is logged to aid in troubleshooting. (log was being purged too soon making it difficult to view failure details)

  • Amazon S3 (v2): Added support for S3 Transfer Acceleration to increase transfer speeds 50%-500% (or even more if sending to buckets out of country).
  • 32-bit architecture is now a Warning on Server Tools page.
  • Stash Live: Holding failed transfer logs longer for troubleshooting.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed some notice typos on first page and scrollbars around file path.
  • Stash Live: Advanced troubleshooting now logs any detected crons which should have already run but have not, indicating cron malfunctioning.
  • Stash Live: Fixed ‘Disconnect from Stash Live’ not prompting for authentication resulting in server-side not properly disconnecting accounts.

  • Dropbox (v2) destination no longer throwing error on non-64-bit systems. Now only logging a BackupBuddy warning noting this.

  • Deployment wait for remote response now capped at adjustedMaxExecutionTime() which uses detected value (or manual value if overridden) instead of just 30 seconds.