BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Dropbox (v2): Updated SDK version to latest v1.1.6 to support new SSL and certificate changes.
  • Stash Live: Fixed user meta ID query for continuous database tracking.

  • Improved detection if importbuddy process is a restore vs migration.

  • Full release of Quick Release versions.
  • Performance and reliability improvements to Stash Live. Major performance boosts.
  • Added easy to retrieve Stash Live troubleshooting data for quick troubleshooting.
  • Multisite support improvements for Stash Live backups and imports.
  • PHP runtime tester added.
  • PHP memory tester added.
  • Various improvements to Server Tools tests.
  • Various improvements to ImportBuddy process.
  • Various improvements to Deployment process.

  • Beta importbuddy version stats.

  • Added warning to Server Tools -> Cron tab if a cron has passed its runtime without running to detect cron problems.

  • Added deprecation warnings to logs for Amazon S3 (v1) and Stash (v1) destinations suggesting upgrading to the newer v2 versions.
  • Multisite import: Added additional logging to step 5 import into Mulisite for troubleshooting.
  • Added additional checks to prevent PHP runtime and memory tests from running too often.
  • Stash Live now processes local file deletions to remote storage in bursts instead of one at a time, significantly reducing API calls needed, significantly improving performance on files being removed from remote storage.
  • Stash Live: Fixed fatal PHP errors not showing in Advanced Troubleshooting Log due to only first line being noted.
  • Stash Live: Advanced Troubleshooting Log now also includes file sizes and modified times of several log files.
  • Stash Live: Now checking for pending files to send at end of audit step prior to running Snapshot step so ‘Creating Snapshot’ status is not shown if that step is going to be stepped anyway. Reduces confusion that snapshot has begun when it has not.
  • General Settings page saving no longer updates backupbuddy_live_jump transient if Stash Live is not set up.

  • Deployment / Sync compatibility: On Deployment do not copy hide backend / custom login URL settings between sites.

  • backupbuddy_core::calculate_tables() now makes sure returned table listing has no duplicates (eg if user enters duplicates in additional includes ).
  • Added additional check in housekeeping function to prevent it running for Multisite subsites.

  • Google Drive destination: Now hiding remote folder viewer when Remote File Management is disabled.
  • Don’t import Stash destinations or Server Tools values with Settings import.

  • Amazon S3 (v2) remote destination: Fixed ‘Copy to local’ feature not working and silently failing. Functionality broke at unknown time ago.
  • Amazon S3 (v2) remote destination: Updated codex instructions for creating user and settings permissions for bucket access to add simpler method.

  • Multisite: Housekeeping function now only runs for main site, not individual subsites which results in it running too often.

  • Deployment no longer overwrites iThemes Sync authentication and other settings on push/pull of database.
  • Deployment destination settings now display site url of the currently set API key.
  • Server Tools: While Tested PHP memory information is pending the status is marked as OK instead of FAIL.
  • Server Tools: PHP memory test now gives some wiggle room if tested memory is slightly below a threshold so it does not needlessly report a FAIL if it is only a few MB off.
  • Added “Set to 0 (zero) to disable this test.” text to PHP runtime and memory test tooltips.

  • ImportBuddy: Added additional logging to database migration step of import.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed broken subchunking of bruteforce substep of database migration step. Major fix.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed .htaccess migration happening each step during migration step.
  • Added new PHP memory test.
  • Added new Advanced Setting for PHP runtime test.
  • Server Tools -> Server Information: PHP memory limit now reports a failure if less than 128MB of memory. Warning if above 128MB but below 256MB.
  • Added new Advanced Setting for PHP memory test.

  • Fixed no new Stash Live Snapshot error email notification referencing traditional backup notification limit rather than Stash Live limit in email message. Also changed default notification period from 45 days without backup to 10.
  • Fixed Stash Live archive trim param passed in snapshot action sending delete = true.
  • Fixed Google Drive send error message not being logged.