WooCommerce 2.5.4

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.5.4, from version 2.5.3. Changelog:

  • Fix – Fix table creation when using utf8mb4 charset.
  • Fix – Have wp_insert_post return WP_Error when creating our coupon, so the is_wp_error check can catch it.
  • Fix – Clear sale price on save if sale is no longer valid.
  • Fix – Round refund values to ensure refunds can be performed.
  • Fix – When getting coupon by code used twice, latest should be queried.
  • Fix – CLI improvements for setting up variations and deleting orders.
  • Fix – Allow big selects when getting variations to support larger queries.
  • Fix – Trigger webhook when user edits addresses on frontend.
  • Fix – Hide shipping row when calculator is disabled, and shipping costs are hidden.
  • Fix – Unset deleted attributes when updating products.
  • Tweak – Update date for paid orders during non-manual updates only.
  • Tweak – wc_get_page_permalink – if the page ID is not set, redirect home instead to prevent white screens.
  • Tweak – Remove log dir from system status report.
  • Tweak – When sorting by date, fallback to ID.
  • Tweak – Rename pay link for clarity.
  • Tweak – Provide a fallback message if copying to the clipboard fails in system status report.