WooCommerce 2.5.3

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.5.3, from version 2.5.2. Changelog:

  • Fix – Correct the ‘unavailable template’ call for variations so the message is displayed correctly, fixing a JS error.
  • Fix – Add ‘media-models’ dependency to write panel scripts.
  • Fix – Fix hide empty check in category walkers.
  • Fix – Current class fix on some servers when empty.
  • Fix – Multibyte safe trim string function.
  • Fix – Prevent a notice by stopping a loop in woocommerce_products_will_display from stomping on other variables.
  • Fix – If an attribute meta key is not set, technically its ‘any’, so should match. Prevents issues when meta data is missing after renaming attributes.
  • Fix – Make wc_get_product_variation_attributes ignore non variation attributes.
  • Fix – Notice when no order notes exist.
  • Fix – Removed extra tab from plain email shipping address.
  • Fix – Round shipping after tax calculation instead of before to prevent wrong taxes being calculated.
  • Fix – State input box was not reappearing when switching from a hidden input to a text input.
  • Fix – Don’t duplicate rating and review counts.
  • Fix – CLI – Allow setting of a single category.
  • Fix – API – Replace term_taxonomy_id for term_id whilst creating/editing terms.
  • Fix – API – Fix parent_id and menu_order for variations.
  • Fix – Combine update post calls when update_status is ran.
  • Fix – Total number of comments in the admin panel.
  • Tweak – Show customer details for logged in users only on thanks page to prevent customer details being revealed if someone finds out the URL.
  • Tweak – Wrap status report in backticks to stop people breaking .org forums.
  • Tweak – Error handling for screen ids.
  • Tweak – Use $wpdb->replace instead of doing a select and then deciding to do an update or insert in session handler.
  • Tweak – Added check for private WooCommerce pages in status report.
  • Tweak – Transactional emails for failed -> on hold.
  • Dev – Include new triggers when removing and adding the password strength meter.
  • Dev – Allow pass objects and arrays as webhook callbacks.