Gravity Forms 1.9.17

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.9.17, from version 1.9.16. Changelog:

  • Added the GF_MIN_WP_VERSION_SUPPORT_TERMS constant and a message on the settings page when the site is not eligible for support.
  • Added the GFEntryDetail::maybe_display_empty_fields() helper to determine if empty fields should be displayed when the lead detail grid is processed.
  • Added {admin_url} and {logout_url} merge tags for use with User Registration Add-On.
  • Added proactive security hardening enhancements.
  • Updated save and continue confirmations to support shortcodes.
  • Updated form view count and lead count so that they are cached to improve performance.
  • Updated Bengali translation.
  • Updated entry info filters to include additional payment statuses supported by the AF.
  • Updated Dutch translation.
  • Fixed an PHP notice related to the field specific version of the gform_save_field_value hook which could occur when using GFAPI::update_entry().
  • Fixed an issue with the empty form validation and fields configured as admin only which do have a value.
  • Fixed an issue with the confirmation query string when using the merge tag for a currency formatted Number field.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the gform_save_field_value hook running for custom field types when the input value was an array.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the form editor for custom field settings assigned the gform_setting_left_half or gform_setting_right_half classes.
  • Fixed field labels escaping field container in the form editor.
  • Fixed an issue which caused merge tags added by autocomplete to be lost on form save.
  • Fixed uppercase characters for save and continue merge tags in Danish translation.
  • Fixed an issue with the admin-ajax url for the add field, duplicate field and change input type requests when WPML is active.
  • Fixed issue with name field styles on certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with a logging statement for the Web API.
  • Added support for select_custom settings field on the plugin settings page.
  • Added Customizer to supported admin_page types for enqueueing scripts.
  • Updated select_custom settings field to hide default custom option if custom option is within an optgroup.
  • Fixed issue where no other script enqueue rules would run if first rule was a callback.