BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Added various additional logging for troubleshooting Stash Live.
  • Added display of how long ago the log file was modified when viewing Stash Live log.
  • Google Drive: Added new option to disable gzip compression.
  • Beta: Now testing handling archive trimming timing on the Stash API side for more consistency on handling removal of stale backups. Also fixes issues when only one set of backups can sit in storage.
  • Improved error logging when fileoptions is locked to give better instructions on trying to figure out cause.
  • Removed logging of email notification body to status log since it is HTML now and long.
  • Additional logging added to Rollback failure to copy undo script into site root.
  • Now hiding Live and Site destination types from listing when adding a new destination post-backup.