BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Fixed incorrect ‘Attention! Remote storage lists fewer files’ notification alert when audit step chunked. False positive.
  • Stash Live: Likely fixed bug where process could reset back, thinking it needed to resend most files, if the audit step chunked due to the audit start timestamp getting reset each chunked process. This resulted in the signatures step thinking files had not had their ‘v’ key updated to a timestamp within the audit begin and audit finish range. The ‘v’ timestamp would be BEFORE the audit begin timestamp since it was reset to a later timestamp during each chunk.

  • Added more logging to file audit deletion.
  • Traditional backups: Reduced chance of race conditions with fileoptions loading by closing and unlocking fileoptions prior to spawning cron for next step. New log entry: “Closing & unlocking fileoptions.”
  • Added additional logging to Stash Live fileoptions loading, including backtrace of calling class & function for troubleshooting.
  • Added burst size logging to S32 multipart log.