BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Server Tools page updated to recommend v5.6 for PHP and mysql. Warns if PHP < 5.3.
  • Now hiding unlock() blocking status with lock ID for fileoptions.
  • Increased log size sent for Stash Live troubleshooting data.
  • Added additional 8 second wiggle room to file scan to allow for saving discovered files into catalog.
  • Fixed false error about unable to create directory for dat file.

  • If Stash Live log file exceeds 10mb it is deleted rather than truncated to avoid memory issues blocking truncation.

  • Added additional logging to DAT file creation function to troubleshoot write problems.
  • DAT file creation function now creates containing directory via mkdir recursively.

  • Inability to clean SQL timestamped files due to timeout no longer fails as this may just be a delay on our end.

  • Deployment failure connecting to API now also logs HTTP code and message to help detect cause of failure.
  • Fixed Stash Live continuous backup of term database updates causing SQL error, resulting in failure, when updating terms.

  • Stash Live advanced troubleshooting: Fixed displaying notices as 0 available when none available.
  • Now only showing v7 banner if in standalone or multisite main network site (no longer shown for subsites).

  • Added additional logging to file signature updating step to detect cause of backup count decrementing a large amount in Stash Live.
  • Added additional error catching to catalog load failure during reload after closing catalog during file send in Stash Live.