iThemes Security 5.3.0

iThemes Security was updated to version 5.3.0, from version 5.2.1. Changelog:

  • New Feature: Added support for IPv6 addresses. This includes support for IPv6 in lockouts, ban hosts, and white lists.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could cause username-based lockouts to fail for long usernames.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue that prevented wildcard IP ranges from being blacklisted or whitelisted.
  • Bug Fix: Removed warnings generated when the Away Mode module is disabled and iThemes Sync contacts the site.
  • Enhancement: Updated descriptions of valid IP and IP range formats for the Lockout White List and the Ban Hosts settings.
  • Enhancement: Updated host entries in log details to link to rather than This is because does not support IPv6 addresses.
  • Enhancement: Updated some translatable strings relating to blacklisting and whitelisting to allow for better translations.
  • Enhancement: Added details about how wildcard IP ranges are converted to CIDR format (this improves performance).