BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Various Stash Live improvements, including many updates from Quick Release versions.
  • Now only outputting status when adding many files at once every 20 items instead of each to reduce log I/O overhead.
  • Fixed missing mysql_error check in mysqlbuddy.php.
  • Better UI handling if Stash Quota not currently available.
  • Check PHP version is new enough before giving Stash Live notice.
  • Fix undefined variable in Multisite.
  • Change option for default plugin access value from ‘administrator’ to ‘activate_plugins’ to match default options.
  • Stash Live: Improved Troubleshooting via new “View Troubleshooting Data” button.
  • Added new Stash Live ‘View Troubleshooting Data’ button to display an overview of all troubleshooting data.
  • Now displays possible detected memory timeouts.
  • Now displays PHP and BackupBuddy logged errors and warnings.
  • Now displaying both local and master memory limit values for reported PHP memory limit.
  • Added new “Download Troubleshooting Data” button at bottom of Stash Live page.
  • Misc fixes.