BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Updated Google Drive remote destination instructions.
  • Updated PHP maximum runtime tester to help avoid triggering PHP bug resulting in hanging process.
  • Update Stash destination wording when no backups are found.
  • Updated MO file for German translations.
  • Now excluding 3rd party backup plugins’ backup files and Sucuri temporary files for Stash Live by default.
  • Misc improvements to Stash Live logging.

  • Now excluding backupbuddy_temp directory from Stash Live.
  • Now excluding Sucuri temporary files (such as IP blocks, etc) from Stash Live.
  • Added additional details for Stash Live advanced troubleshooting option to view Snapshot status.
  • Now resetting failed file send attempts on daily init for Stash Live files that exceeded maximum fail counter.

  • Fixed excluded files not getting immediately deleted.

  • Failure to create DAT file during Stash Live halts process as it is needed.
  • Duplicate calls to run live_periodic cron twice in same page load now drops second in a row to run. No need to reschedule as two should not run at the same time.

  • Fixed deepscandir() startAt position not being set when chunking.

  • getBackupTypeFromFile() no longer scans zip files that do not behin with ‘backup-‘.
  • fileoptions now checks if file exists before checking lock status.
  • fileoptions now deletes any existing lock file if actual fileoptions file for it does not exist.
  • Added version number to Stash Live status screen to aid in support when customers provide screenshots.

  • Changed message when trying to unlock a fileoptions file of a different ID to be less worrisome. These are normal to see in the log.
  • If URL ends in .zip, add random additional parameter to help get around Varnish-related issues on some servers.
  • Properly update ‘next run’ settings when overwriting existing schedules on settings import.
  • Fixed Stash Live additional exclusions list trimming trailing slash.
  • Added additional logging to track down issues with lock ID.
  • When cron kicker fires too soon fixed time ago being wrong.
  • When cron rescheduler triggers it now logs the previous method as well.
    schedule_single_event limits scheduling of ‘live_periodic’ method to once to prevent potential multiple schedules due to its rapid activity.
    PHP runtime test with a blank result now does not error.
  • Fixed BackupBuddy version being logged in Live periodic functions. Also added WordPress version.