BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Added additional error notifications to catch certificate issues sending to Live.
  • No longer a fatal error if during remote file deletion a send fileoptions file is stuck locked.

  • Stash Live status now attempts to strip any PHP errors or warnings preceeding returned JSON data. _statsPoll.php.
  • Stash: Fixed backup files not being sent into backup type directory due to backup type detection failing, thinking file did not begin with “backup-“.
  • Fixed backup type detection always failing to detect type.

  • Fixed to local table listing for Stash Live.
  • Now clearing backed up timestamp for database files just prior to sending new updated copy for better tracking of unsent files.
  • Added logging of first 5 files and tables pending send when running wait_on_transfers step.
  • Increased wait_on_transfers step delay to 10 seconds of sleep, from 5.
  • Added additional logging to wait_on_transfers step to troubleshoot send problems.