BuddyPress 2.4.2

BuddyPress was updated to version 2.4.2, from version 2.4. Changelogs:


  • Groups: properly escape the action status message on the wp-admin management screen to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Handle errors from wp_upload_dir().
  • Extended Profiles: fix the visibility “change” link always being shown, even if field visibility is enforced.
  • Members: fix name of the Members component’s search parameter.
  • Members: update Members component search parameter when used with AJAX pagination in the Members Directory.
  • Fix issue when selecting ‘Gravatar Logo’ from ‘Settings > Discussion > Default Avatar’.
  • Members: improve z-index of user profile cover images.
  • General security hardening and data validation improvements.

No Changelog was available for 2.4.1.