Sucuri Security 1.7.16

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.7.16, from version 1.7.13. Changelogs:


  • Fixing a low severity XSS (needs admin access to create it)


  • Added alternative method to send email alerts
  • Added button to reset options with explanation
  • Added suggestion for new users to check plugin settings
  • Allow mark as fixed non-writable core files
  • Fixed display menus items single or network panels
  • Fixed handle boolean values in PHP config retrieval
  • Fixed non-standard content location in core integrity
  • Fixed user identifier as integer on password reset
  • Modified css and js files to reduce size
  • Modified do not load resources on hidden sidebar
  • Modified fully redesign of general settings page
  • Modified hide update warning if versions are the same
  • Modified wording of post-types alert settings
  • Removed ellipsis of long IPv6 addresses in last logins
  • Removed unnecessary dns lookups in infosys page
  • Removed unnecessary monospace fonts in settings status
  • Removed unnecessary ssl verification option processor