Jetpack by 3.8.0

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.8.0, from version 3.7.2. Changelog:

  • New Google+ Badge Widget. Display your profile, page, or community Google+ badge.
  • New shortcode embeds. Display a stream in your posts.
  • Accessibility enhancements.
  • A handful of new filters to allow further customization of Jetpack.
  • Carousel: Added support to retrieve image dimensions from an image url.
  • Carousel: Simpler algorithm to detect shutter speeds.
  • Contact Form: New “Checkbox with Multiple Items” field available in the Contact Form.
  • Contact Form: Allow pre-filling form fields with URL parameters.
  • Contact Form: Better styling of the emailed form responses.
  • Performance: Replaced some custom-built functions with core’s native functions.
  • Related Posts: New filter to add post classes to post’s container class.
  • Sharing: New filter to choose if sharing meta box should be shown.
  • Sharing: New filter to allow sharing button markup to be editable.
  • Sharing: New filter to allow you to specify a custom Facebook app ID.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: Added option for YouTube username as well as Channel ID.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: Added Google+ icon.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: New filter to allow you to add your own social media icons and links.
  • Subscriptions: Better errors to your visitors if their subscription sign-up fails.
  • Subscriptions: Removed “widget” class from Subs shortcode form.
  • Carousel: Fixed browser back/forward button behavior.
  • Contact Form: Allow the email field to be set to empty when building form in post editor.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget: Fixed an issue where some languages were not translating.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget: Return a language when none found.
  • General: Fixed some minor styling issues in the Jetpack admin areas.
  • General: Add missing parameter to the_title filter call.
  • General: Prevent scrolling of body when the Jetpack admin modals are opened.
  • General: Update doc to reflect that Open Graph filter jetpack_enable_opengraph has been deprecated in favor of jetpack_enable_open_graph.
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed an error that sometimes occurred that would stop posts from loading.
  • JSON API: Fixed some undefined notices when publishing a post with the API.
  • Open Graph: Fixed bug where facebook description content was sometimes being polluted by a filter.
  • Sharing: Use full SSL Pinterest url instead of protocol relative.
  • Sharing: Fixed plus signs appearing in tweets shared from iOS.
  • Shortcodes: Prefer HTTPS for video embeds to avoid mixed content warnings.
  • Subscriptions Widget: Fix HTML Validation error.
  • Theme Tools: Check oEmbeds for the presence of a video before adding the responsive videos filter.
  • Tiled Galleries: Add image alt attribute if there is a title set. This was breaking some screen reader functionality.