WP Featherlight 0.3.0

WP Featherlight was updated to version 0.3.0, from version 0.2.0. Changelog:

  • Automatic captioning for WordPress images and gallery items (Including Jetpack Galleries)
  • Spanish language translation
  • Updated Featherlight to 1.3.3
  • Improved gallery styles on desktop and mobile devices
  • Streamlined overall styles
  • Added SVG icons for more visual consistency across various platforms
  • Simplified the text used in the admin metabox to ease translations
  • Improved handling of images when certain caching plugins are enabled
  • Prevented gallery arrows from being hijacked by WP Emoji
  • Fixed a bug which allowed multiple light boxes to be opened using keyboard commands
  • Reduced overhead by loading language files only when needed
  • Improved the save routine for our admin metabox
  • Added a wp_featherlight_captions filter to control auto-captioning
  • Re-structured the plugin’s internal code base and deprecated plugin constants
  • Added Grunt and Bower the plugin to allow easier updates and releases in the future
  • Added Language Support – German – Spanish – French – Portuguese (Brazil) – Spanish (Peru)