WooCommerce 2.4.7

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.4.7, from version 2.4.6. Changelog:

  • Fix – Handle Switzerland in get_european_union_countries.
  • Fix – For geolocation with static cache support, ensure hash is appended during form submission.
  • Fix – To prevent discounts being applied in ‘random’ order (based on order added to cart), sort cart items based on subtotal during calculate_totals.
  • Fix – Removed extra ob_start() in class-wc-shortcodes.php.
  • Fix – Show counts in category dropdown.
  • Fix – Escape add to cart messages to stop translations from breaking cart events.
  • Fix – Display of product/order tables in the dashboard when viewed on handheld devices.
  • Fix – API order item ‘key’ value.
  • Fix – Check specifically for Post IDs in WC Query verbose rules fix.
  • Fix – Only run maybe_set_cart_cookies if cart was loaded to prevent notices.
  • Fix – Variation loading/refresh after attribute saving.
  • Fix – Added monthly cron schedule.
  • Fix – Remove use of ‘input’ event in checkout scripts to prevent IE11 triggering updates on placeholder change.
  • Fix – AJAX variations not being found in some cases when product version was < 2.4, but attributes were updated after sync().
  • Fix – Changed the way variable product prices get cached for greater plugin compatibility.
  • Fix – Highlighting of reports chart.
  • Fix – Network activated plugins not showing up in system status report.
  • Fix – Tax fields showing on bulk/quick edit when disabled the tax system.
  • Fix – Tax status and tax class values within bulk edit.
  • Tweak – Allow bulk edit price to 0
  • Tweak – Add filters to control “shipped via” text.
  • Tweak – Allow line breaks in non-variation attributes.
  • Tweak – Renamed wc_var_prices transient to allow them to flush on product save.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_save_account_details_required_fields hook.
  • Tweak – Only ‘count’ published variations.
  • Tweak – Display of order total in admin with refunds.
  • Tweak – Use Geolocation class for customer IP detection.
  • Tweak – Use the needs_payment function (DRY).
  • Tweak – Tweak wc_create_page to work with trashed pages.
  • Tweak – Redirect ‘not right now’ to referer in onboarding wizard.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_update_new_customer_past_order action.
  • Tweak – Prevent empty terms when using wc_get_formatted_variation().
  • Tweak – Unslash shipping label on orders admin screen.
  • Tweak – Prevent wrong phone numbers on PayPal for CA and US when users add the prefix +1.
  • Template – Removed ‘Payment’ heading in templates/checkout/form-pay.php.
  • Template – Removed unnecessary clearing div in templates/checkout/payment.php.