Jetpack by 3.7.2

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.7.2, from version 3.7. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: REST API: Fixed an error when saving drafts and publishing posts


  • Enhancement: General: Added inline documentation for various filters and functions
  • Enhancement: General: Added custom capabilities for module management on multi-site installs
  • Enhancement: General: Cleaned up old changelog entries from readme
  • Enhancement: General: Cleaned up unused i18n textdomains
  • Enhancement: General: Updated the new settings page to look better in various translations
  • Enhancement: REST API: Added new endpoints to manage users
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Updated the Google logo
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: Page scroll no longer disappears after closing the carousel
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fields are sent and displayed in the correct order
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: No longer showing a notice on AJAX actions in feedback lists
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Made using more than two notification emails possible
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Mitigate a potential stored XSS vulnerability
  • Bug Fix: General: Mitigate a potential information disclosure
  • Bug Fix: General: Fixed a locale error in the notifications popout
  • Bug Fix: General: Fixed a possible fatal error in the client area
  • Bug Fix: General: Fixed compatibility issues with certain use cases
  • Bug Fix: General: Disabled connection warnings for multisites with domain mapping
  • Bug Fix: General: Updated translations for correct link display in admin notices
  • Bug Fix: REST API: Fixed a fatal error in one of the endpoints
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Fixed OpenGraph tags for Instagram embeds
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Fixed compatibility issues with bbPress
  • Bug Fix: Widget Visibility: Fixed a fatal error in case of a missing tag