BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Fixed S3 v2 test giving error about deleting temporary object.

  • Added new safeguard default cap of 50 GB maximum local storage usage to prevent runaway storage of backups if user has not instituted their own cap in Settings. This may be changed in Advanced Settings but is recommended against disabling.

  • Fixed undefined index remote path in Stash v2 beta.
  • Changed Stash v2 backup limits to zero instead of blank to match other settings defaults better.
  • Removed depricated class file.
  • Fixed ‘long time since last backup’ notification emails when running under Multisite.
  • Removed debugging banana.

  • New BETA version of the “Stash” Remote Destination, “Stash v2”. Stash v2 introduces bursting in addition to chunking, resulting in significant protection against timeouts, even in cases of intermittent server ‘slowdowns’.
  • Requires PHP v5.3.3 or newer.
  • The best Stash destination ever. Less memory usage. Maximizes throughput per chunk while at the same time adapting as server conditions change, chunking as needed.
  • By default now stores all backups of all types, not limiting remote numbers. Configure via this destination’s settings.
  • New option to include the backup Profile name in the backup zip archive filename.
  • Quick Setup Wizard now lets you set up your Stash destination faster than ever, just by entering your iThemes login.
  • Add missing key reference in options array during MS export process.

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