BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Fixed additional text showing in S3 v2 test alert.
  • S3 v2 Destination: Fixed problems sending files to new regisions such as Frankfurt in some cases.
  • S3 v2 Destination: Fixed problem with using buckets with periods in the name.
  • S3 v2 Destination: Bucket is no longer an Advanced Option as it is now reguired to be correct; no longer guessing region. New v4 signature regions require the region be encoded in the signature so it must be known.
  • S3 v2 Destination: Fixed write speed calculation being based off time() instead of microtime(true) resulting in less accurate write speed calculations.
  • Updated many instances of time() with microtime(true) for better resolution on time calculations that may run faster than 1 second for better resolution.
  • Removed majority of styles from legacy jquery ui CSS only used by tooltip.
  • force_single_db_file setting now stored in DAT file as it is needed for regenerating integrity check if caches scan if lost.
  • Maintenance mode (activated via .maintenance file) now sends a 503 HTTP status code with a retry time of 1 hour to better instruct search engines on how to handle the site being down.

  • ImportBuddy: Prior database settings input form items now set to readonly instead of disabled to prevent some browsers from blocking highlighting and copying.
  • S32 destination: Fixed bucket information retreival not containing error details.
  • Stash destination: Updated manage URL to improved Sync Stash panel:
  • Server Tools page: Fixed plugins directory calculation.
  • S3 v2 destination: Better verification that a deleted file was actually deleted.
  • Misc minor fixes.