WooCommerce 2.4.4

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.4.4, from version 2.3.13. Changelogs:


  • Fix – Ajax variation handling when ‘any’ attribute is set.
  • Fix – Run html_entity_decode over text attributes to fix problems with quote characters.
  • Fix – COD: remove shipping check if the cart is 100% virtual.
  • Tweak – Order variations by menu_order by fallback to ID.
  • Tweak – Include attribute archives support in the breadcrumbs.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_variable_children_args hook.


  • Fix – Query within wc_customer_bought_product().
  • Fix – Tab hiding with some theme markup.
  • Fix – Ajax variations: stripslashes to fix attributes with quotes.
  • Fix – No longer returns to the first variation list page when deleting one variation.
  • Fix – Refund subjects when order contains downloadable product.
  • Fix – wc_get_product_variation_attributes should only get parent attributes which are for variations.
  • Tweak – Disable display_errors during ajax requests to prevent malformed JSON.
  • Tweak – When merging shipping taxes with a shipping rate taxes, ensure shipping rate taxes is not malformed.
  • Tweak – Improved refund email events and woocommerce_order_fully_refunded hook.


  • Fix – If all variations are out of stock, maintain pricing display.
  • Fix – Prevent double add to cart due to ajax endpoints.
  • Fix – ordering_args in product_category shortcode.
  • Fix – Tax inclusive prices rounding case.
  • Tweak – If no variation prices are found, show no price label rather than free.
  • Tweak – Made tab panel selector more specific to avoid theme conflicts.
  • Tweak – Made checkout make use of new ajax endpoints.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_force_ssl_checkout no longer needs to check for admin-ajax actions.
  • Tweak – Hide get_formatted_legacy notices when doing ajax.
  • Tweak – use shop_single instead of full image size for variations.


  • Fix – Tweaked the 2.4 upgrade routine to disable refund emails during update.
  • Fix – Notices when calling get_shipping_classes().
  • Fix – Added upgrade routine to ensure _stock_status meta exists for variations created before WooCommerce 2.2


  • Feature – Onboarding/setup wizard for new users to handle basic store settings and installation.
  • Feature – Improved help tabs with inline video tutorials where applicable.
  • Feature – New AJAX powered variations interface to improve edit product page loading times and posting large amounts of data.
  • Feature – For products with many variations, on the frontend switch to AJAX to load matching variations based on user input attributes, instead of doing it all inline.
  • Feature – Show full category hierarchy in permalinks.
  • Feature – Added priorities for shipping methods to give more control over defaults.
  • Feature – Added a new geolocation option to support static page caching using AJAX and a querystring.
  • Feature – Email notifications for partial refunds.
  • Feature – Visual API authentication endpoint for 3rd party use.
  • Feature – API key generation changes. Secret keys no longer stored in database.
  • Feature – Refactored Flat Rate Shipping for simplicity.
  • Feature – Made international shipping UI the same as flat rate.
  • Feature – New ajax endpoints to improve performance by avoiding admin overhead.
  • Fix – Ensure coupon taxes are reset when calculating totals.
  • Fix – Improve discount amount rounding.
  • Fix – Update order shipping after editing shipping from API.
  • Tweak – Moved country next to other address fields in Checkout UI.
  • Tweak – Improved reports, in particular for refunds.
  • Tweak – Improve save_attributes ajax function to correctly save text attributes.
  • Tweak – Base discounts on the undiscounted price.
  • Tweak – Added wc_product_cat_class functions.
  • Tweak – Display related products and upsells in 4 columns.
  • Tweak – Only redirect to welcome page for MAJOR versions/updates.
  • Tweak – GeoLocation IPv6 database.
  • Tweak – Improved text based attribute handling to prevent issues with slashes.
  • Tweak – Ajaxified the grouped product option.
  • Tweak – Email template improvements and wider email client compatibility.
  • Dev – Created a template file for the Proceed to Checkout button.
  • Dev – API version v3.
  • Dev – API – Implemented full support for Basic Authentication for v3, following the RFC 2617 specs.
  • Dev – API – Fixed Oauth 1.0a to strictly follow all specs from RFC 5849 for v3.
  • Dev – API – Added an endpoint to handle product attributes.
  • Dev – API – Auto generete passwords for new customers only when enabled the generate_password option.
  • Dev – API – Added display and image on product categories response.
  • Dev – API – Added endpoint for bulk update/insert coupons, customers, products and orders.
  • Dev – API – Deprecated /product/sku endpoint from v3.
  • Dev – API – Created the /products/id/orders endpoint to fetch orders containing a specific product.
  • Localisation – Added Argentine currency and provinces.
  • Various other small fixes and enhancements.