iThemes Security 4.9.0

iThemes Security was updated to version 4.9.0, from version 4.8.0. Changelog:

  • Feature Removal: Removed the “Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag” feature as it is not recommended due to limited security benefit and creating compatibility issues.
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to undo the Content Directory change.
  • Bug Fix: No longer tries to load a non-existent JavaScript file for the salts module.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with one-time database backups on multi-site installs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues related to locating .htaccess or nginx.conf files on sites with WordPress installed in a separate directory.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with PHP blocking in uploads directory not working with certain non-standard setups.
  • Bug Fix: Minor change to fix a warning that can appear after changing the Content Directory.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a PHP fatal error that could occur on some servers when adding a ban to the site’s .htaccess or nginx.conf file.