Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On 2.4

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On was updated to version 2.4, from version 2.3. Changelog:

  • Added some logging statements to prepare_buddypress_data().
  • Added the ‘gform_userregistration_enable_multisite_section’ filter allowing the user to force activation of multisite section of feed settings network-wide.
  • Added the ‘gform_user_registration_feed_conditional_logic’ filter enabling the feed conditional logic rule to be overridden during submission, allowing multiple rules to be defined.
  • Fixed an issue with username and email validation not taking pending activations into account.
  • Fixed an issue with the activation URL sent by email.
  • Fixed a PHP notice related to the blog signup notification message.
  • Fixed a PHP notice caused by a typo in the third parameter of the gform_user_registration_user_data_pre_populate filter.
  • Fixed an issue with the processing of user meta where the field has been hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed typo in gform_user_registration_enable_multisite_section filter name.
  • Fixed db table error on feed list page due to the table not being created.
  • Fixed WP_List_Tables error in WordPress 4.3 for pending activations.