WooCommerce 2.3.12

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.3.12, from version 2.3.11. Changelog:

  • Fix – Fixed Google Chrome forcing to use SSL. This can cause some issues on websites behind load balancers or reverse proxies.
  • Fix – Escaped shop url in empty cart template.
  • Fix – Escaped product tabs titles.
  • Fix – Removed deprecated PHP4 constructor on Widget classes.
  • Fix – Wrong price_slider_updated JS event arguments.
  • Fix – Stock quantity type in WC-API.
  • Fix – Don’t reveal username when login failed on valid email login.
  • Fix – Fatal error on order details when have some downloadable product deleted.
  • Fix – Relative paths validation for downloadable product.
  • Fix – Flat rate shipping costs should ignore virtual items.
  • Tweak – Keep product quantity when happens some error while add product on the cart.