Gravity Forms 1.9.11

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.9.11, from version Changelog:

  • Added ‘gform_entries_field_header_pre_export’, ‘gform_entries_field_header_pre_export_{form_id}’ and ‘gform_entries_field_header_pre_export_{form_id}_{field_id}’ filters for modifying the fields header in the entry export.
  • Added additional accessibility with addition of aria-label to markup.
  • Updated loading of the text domains to prevent loading them more than once.
  • Updated list field pre-population to accept an array in the same format currently saved to the database. This change is backwards-compatible and will accept the old array format.
  • Updated GFFormDisplay::get_input_mask_init_script() to disable the input mask for Android phones. This is a temporary workaround for some issues with certain models of Android phones.
  • Updated some security hardening precautions.
  • Updated shortcode parsing so that “form” is the default action.
  • Updated Finnish translation.
  • Updated the ajax submission iframe tag to include the title attribute when HTML5 is enabled in the settings to comply with WCAG 2.0.
  • Removed the duplicate_setting from the multiselect field type.
  • Fixed an issue with the select and multi-select type fields which could result in the incorrect choices being selected.
  • Fixed debug warning notices.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in the payment results table.
  • Fixed a warning in debug mode on the updates page.
  • Fixed fatal error if insert_with_markers() not available.
  • Fixed an issue with the updates page not displaying the “No updates available” message appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue with validation of the Reply To field on the edit notification page.
  • Fixed a minor CSS conflict with the Lite Tooltip plugin.
  • Fixed issue with number field formatting for certain currencies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Swiss Franc currency.
  • Fixed notices caused by new primary column parameter for classes extending the WP_List_Table class.
  • Added ‘gform_post_payment_action’ hook to allow actions to be taken when payment events are completed.
  • Added “after_input” property to text field setting to show text after the input field.
  • Added maybe_override_field_value(). Override to prevent use of the gform_{slug}_field_value filter or to replace with a customised filter.
  • Added can_create_feed() to control rendering of feed creation UI.
  • Added “gform_{slug}_field_value”, “gform_{slug}_field_value_{$form_id}” and “gform_{slug}_field_value_{$form_id}_{$field_id}” filters to modify field value.
  • Added “get_first_field_by_type” function to get the field ID of the first field of the desired type.
  • Updated field map choices to show “Select a Field” as first choice.
  • Updated field map choices to show message to user asking them to add a field to their form if no fields of designated type were found.
  • Updated Feed Name to display a default incremented name based on existing feeds in the add-on.
  • Fixed PHP notice with field select setting field due to undefined first choice label.
  • Fixed an issue with the app uninstall confirmation message not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue with the feed name in some maybe_process_feed() logging statements.
  • Fixed an issue with the default feed name not incrementing correctly based on field name.
  • Fixed a PHP notice for settings fields if field_type setting property was an array.
  • Fixed a PHP warning related to sales pagination.
  • Fixed an issue with GFAPI::update_entry_field() where values for field IDs higher than 99 get added instead of updated.
  • Fixed an issue with the Serbia and Montenegro choices in GF_Field_Address get_countries() and get_country_codes().