WooCommerce 2.3.11

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.3.11, from version 2.3.10. Changelog:

  • Fix – Check if rating is enabled before check if rating is required to a review.
  • Fix – get_discounted_price needs to check if taxes are enabled.
  • Fix – Fixed filetype check for digital downloads.
  • Fix – Newfoundland and Labrador state rename.
  • Fix – Escaped js in widget layered nav when use the dropdown option.
  • Fix – Switch the permissions check for json_search_products to use the read_product capability.
  • Fix – Fixed the addition of variable products using the Order API.
  • Fix – Sale item exclusion logic for variations.
  • Fix – Clear correct variation stock transients when setting stock.
  • Fix – Switch to JSON to avoid unserializing untrusted data when handling responses from PayPal.
  • Fix – API – Fixed the sanitization for downloadable files on products endpoint.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_downloadable_file_exists filter.