Gravity Forms 1.9.8

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.9.8, from version 1.9.6. Changelogs:


  • Fixed an issue with the delete permanently action links on the form list page.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup process.
  • Fixed an issue with the duplicate and trash form action links on the form list page.


  • Added support for the ajax shortcode attribute and anchors in the save and continue confirmations.
  • Added security hardening enhancements to the Form Editor.
  • Added security hardening enhancements to the file upload process.
  • Updated multi-file upload processing by deprecating the ?gf_page=upload page and supporting GFCommon::get_upload_page_slug() instead.
  • Updated logging around saving entry field values.
  • Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Updated GFCommon::date_display() to support an input and output format.
  • Fixed issue with javascript total calculation taking options into account even when their associated product isn’t selected.
  • Fixed an issue with the checkbox field and resuming an incomplete submission which could result in the incorrect choices being selected.
  • Fixed a low severity security vulnerability in the admin area which could be exploited by authenticated users with form administration permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with the reCaptcha field where HTTPS/SSL may not be detected correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup routine creating an infinite loop in some situations.
  • Fixed issue in GFFormsModel::update_lead_property() where (in some cases) the $form object was not set.
  • Fixed an issue with save and continue where tokens are not reissued when invalid tokens are reused to save the submission.
  • Fixed an issue with the shortcode preview in WordPress 4.2.
  • Fixed an issue on the entry list where the first column doesn’t display correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue when prepopulating checkboxes hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue with the multi-file upload on mobile devices where multiple file selection is not supported.
  • Fixed an issue with a variable name in gravityforms.js using a reserved word.
  • Fixed PHP notices related to the math type Captcha field when the Really Simple Captcha plugin is not active.
  • Fixed an issue with empty form validation occurring if the form has required fields which have already failed validation.
  • Fixed an issue with empty form validation of multi-page forms with pages hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue with the values in the Payment Details box on the entry detail page. This fixes an issue with the edit links generated by the PayPal Add-On.
  • Small style change to field map UI.
  • Added function to allow addons to change field map header.
  • Added handling of the date_created merge tag to the get_field_value function for instances where this function is used before the entry has been created.
  • Added ability to set a limit on the number of fields that may be added for fields of type dynamic_field_map.
  • Added support for displaying validation errors set for fields created as type dynamic_field_map.
  • Change “get_field_value” to use “get_full_name” and “get_full_address” functions to prevent access level conflict with MailChimp Add-On.
  • Fixed a bug where an error would be thrown if the function plugin_settings_page was not included in the add-on.
  • Added the ability to exclude certain field types from field mapping in the get_field_map_choices function.
  • Added “get_field_value” helper function to get value of a selected field.
  • Added support for disabling custom key option on dynamic field map setting.
  • Fixed issue where GFFeedAddon::get_single_submission_feed() would sometimes fail to return a valid feed.
  • Added support for multiple-select elements in repeater.js.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields for dynamic field maps were indented.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple dynamic field map fields could not be used on the same page.
  • Added “select_custom” field to allow for custom option in drop down.
  • Added “save_callback” field meta option for filtering settings fields before being saved.
  • Added GF_Field::_is_entry_detail to allow GF_Field::is_entry_detail() to be overridden.
  • Added GF_Field_Select::get_choices() and GF_Field_MultiSelect::get_choices() to make it easier to extend those fields.