BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Server Tools page: Directory size listing now displays number of children for each directory (files + directories within the directory and all chidlren) for both total site and taking into account exclusions. Total counts are also displayed at the bottom.
  • Multiple browser performance enhancements during backup and deployment.
  • Better handling of smaller screen sizes for improved usability, especially on mobile or other small devices.
  • Periodica cleanup: If temp directory exists (it should normally only be transient) we verify anti directory browsing files exist. Normally this directory will be deleted on cleanup but this helps to insure it’s secure in case it cannot be removed for some reason.
  • Improved backup page performance by removing some CSS animations including box-shadow animations which did not receive GPU acceleration.
  • Improved backup page styling when browser window is small but not so small as to reflow to mobile layout.
  • Improved mobile friendliness of remote destinations by making destination pages scrollable horizontally.
  • Added charcode logging to deployment confirmation failure alert to detect possible character encoding issue with confirming response of “1”.

  • filesystem class deepglob() now checks if glob responds with false and changes to empty array to prevent invalid argument warning. This could be caused if a directory is unreadable.

  • Temporary database table name prefixes for rollback or deployment now use bbnew- and bbold- instead of BBnew- and BBold- for some systems that convert uppercase characters in table names to all lowercase, breaking various replacements.