Jetpack by 3.5

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.5, from version 3.4.3. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: General: Change security reporting to use a transient instead of option to reduce backup load
  • Enhancement: General: Improve module search
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Allow users to manage menus through
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Reduce spam through email sharing
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Improve recall of CSS revisions
  • Bug Fix: Extra Sidebar Widgets: Change class name for Contact Info widget
  • Bug Fix: Extra Sidebar Widgets: Fix errors when adding widgets via the customizer
  • Bug Fix: Extra Sidebar Widgets: Fix PHP notices in RSS widget
  • Bug Fix: General: Fix redirect loop on activation
  • Bug Fix: General: Styling fixes
  • Bug Fix: Protect: Add IP translation fallback when inet_pton is not available
  • Bug Fix: Protect: Always allow login from local IDs
  • Bug Fix: Protect: Sanitize displayed IP after block
  • Bug Fix: Publicize: Prevent generating Facebook profile links for app-scoped user IDs
  • Bug Fix: Subscriptions: Improve error handling
  • Bug Fix: Theme Tools: Include breadcrumb code
  • Misc: Extra Sidebar Widgets: Remove Readmill Widget