Gravity Forms 1.9.5

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.9.5, from version 1.9.4. Changelog:

  • Added JS filter: ‘gform_form_editor_can_field_be_added’ allowing developers to prevent custom field types being added to the form if the conditions they define, such as a Product field being present, are not met.
  • Added gf_invisible CSS class for use hiding product fields that should not be visible but count towards the total.
  • Added the placeholder setting to the Post Tags field.
  • Added JS action hook: ‘gform_post_conditional_logic_field_action’ to allow performing custom actions when a field is displayed or hidden by conditional logic on frontend.
  • Added Sint Marteen to the country list.
  • Added logging of notification routing rule evaluation.
  • Added entry id to some of the notification related logging statements.
  • Added the ‘gform_include_thousands_sep_pre_format_number’ filter to allow users to disable inclusion of the thousands separator when the Number field value is formatted.
  • Updated Finnish translation.
  • Fixed an issue with the form submission process where inactive and trashed forms could still be processed.
  • Fixed issue with single quote in a localized string.
  • Fixed issue with the Cancel Subscription button on entry page where the message displayed to the user was always unsuccessful even though the subscription was successfully canceled.
  • Fixed issue with post content containing extra break tags.
  • Fixed an issue with the quantity input of the Single Product field not having the disabled attribute in the form editor.
  • Fixed issue with spinner icon not hiding when viewing the latest changes on the plugins page.
  • Fixed a low severity security vulnerability in the admin area which could be exploited by users with form editor permissions.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Chrome 40 where AJAX-enabled forms did not correctly scroll back to the form.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic and date fields causing a Javascript error.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic when showing fields with inline ready classes.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic when hiding date fields.
  • Added support for single submission feed add-ons (like User Registration).
  • Added support for GFAddon::delay_feed() method so add-ons can do something when feed is delayed.
  • Updated GFFeedAddon::is_delayed_payment, GFAddon::get_base_url, and GFAddon::get_base_path methods to be public (instead of protected).
  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability in the object locking API for add-ons and custom code.