Gravity Forms 1.9.3

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.9.3, from version Changelog:

  • Added the ‘gform_post_send_entry_note’ hook to allow users to perform custom actions when an entry note has been sent.
  • Added the ‘gform_entry_list_column_input_label_only’ filter to allow users to override the default behaviour of only including the input label in the entry list column header.
  • Added gf_apply_filters() to allow providing a list of modifiers for a filter.
  • Added logging around key validation.
  • Added Faroe Islands (FO) to the country list.
  • Added additional security precautions to the file upload file.
  • Added the ‘gform_post_export_entries’ hook to allow users to perform custom actions when entries have been exported.
  • Added context support to ‘MM’ string to allow different translations for abbreviation of minutes and month when needed.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated the background updates setting to be activated by default on new installations only.
  • Updated Finnish translation.
  • Fixed duplicate ID attribute on multi-page forms.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the form editor that can sometimes occur when opening the date field on a form created in 1.8 or lower.
  • Fixed issue with sales page when entries are deleted or moved to trash.
  • Fixed styling issues with Year input overlapping other Date field inputs when format began with year.
  • Fixed a XSS issue for legacy email fields with confirmation enabled.
  • Fixed and issue with the save and continue form setting where the Save and Continue Confirmation may not get generated on some servers.
  • Fixed issue where default value for Date field and Drop Down date field would not populate correctly.
  • Fixed styling issue where Date field “Year” input was cut off.
  • Fixed an issue with the List field in the form editor where clicking on the field label opens and then immediately closes the field.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability with the multi-file upload field. Proactive security measures in place had already prevented this from being exploited.
  • Fixed an issue in the conditional logic javascript which impacted loading data into the list field.
  • Added support for WordPress cookie authentication to the Web API. Requires nonce with the action set to gf_api passed via the _gf_json_nonce POST data or in the query for GET requests. Intended for use by JavaScript on the same site as the Gravity Forms installation.
  • Removed authentication for the POST forms/[ID]/submissions endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue with GFAPI::add_entry() which can result in entry values being blank for email, date and time fields.