WordPress SEO 1.7.3

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.7.3, from version 1.7.1. Changelog:


  • Bugfixes:Fixes a bug where the translations where corrupted due to an issue with out glotpress grunt task.


  • Contains lots of performance optimizations, including removal of unnecessary inclusion and defined checks for every classfile, refactoring of frontend logic, cutting unnecessary inheritance chains et. al.
  • Adds Twitter gallery cards.
  • Adds Twitter cards for non singular pages (including Homepage).
  • Allows archive titles & meta to be set on non public post types that do have a public archive.
  • Huge performance gain for enrich_defaults().
  • Nextscripts removed from the OG conflict list.
  • Added full Composer support, switched to Composer for dependency management and autoloading.
  • Fixes a bug where new posts weren’t always added to the post sitemap properly in case of multiple sitemaps.
  • Fixes a grammatical error in the tutorial.
  • Fixes a bug where %%currentyear%% shortcode wasn’t parsed well in the meta description.
  • Fixes an undefined index notice in the opengraph functionality.
  • Fixes a bug where variable placeholders were not always assigned the correct value.
  • Fixes a bug with SEO score on servers using international number formats.
  • Fixes broken backward compatibility / snippet preview.
  • Fixes a bug where the %%page%% shortcode wasn’t properly rendered in the titles and meta’s.
  • Fixes a bug where custom replacement variables where not properly rendered when using them in multiple fields.
  • Fixes at least a large part of the keyword density 0% issues.
  • Corrected price on WooCommerce SEO banner.