WooCommerce 2.3.4

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.3.4, from version 2.3.3. Changelog:

  • Fix – limit_usage_to_x_items option in coupons.
  • Fix – Run coupon codes through html_entity_decode.
  • Fix – Tax by code report for refunds.
  • Fix – Auto-generation of slug when adding new attribute.
  • Fix – Prevented errors when DOMDocument is not found (used for your HTML/Multipart emails).
  • Fix – Load WC css on user edit screen.
  • Fix – DB error when showing reports by product without selecting a product.
  • Fix – Stock status when updating out of stock product.
  • Fix – Fix place order button text on init.
  • Fix – When duplicating products, handle entities.
  • Fix – Double shop page in breadcrumb and white space issues.
  • Fix – When purchasing multiple downloadable products (same item), multiply download limit by qty purchased.
  • Fix – Added checks for gzopen to prevent activation errors.
  • Tweak – Added DOMDocument item in the System Status as a requirement.
  • Tweak – Simplify default mode should be ‘standard’.
  • Tweak – Set attribte ‘query_var’ true when public.
  • Tweak – Use wc_get_page_permalink() to get page permalinks.
  • Tweak – Register shop_order post statuses earlier to ensure statuses are registered for cron.
  • Tweak – Improvements to refund handling in Taxes by code/date, and sales by date reports. Gross/net excludes refunds.
  • Tweak – Share data between Sales by Date report and API.
  • Tweak – Related posts – replace ORDER BY RAND() with random offset.
  • Tweak – Run item meta label through wc_attribute_label() in admin order page.
  • Tweak – Run File URLs through esc_url_raw instead of wc_clean to preserve spaces.
  • Tweak – Small timeout on checkout update action to prevent several triggering at once.
  • Tweak – Restock items AFTER refund, not before.
  • Tweak – If logged in, populate customer data from user meta.