Jetpack by 3.3.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.3.1, from version 3.3. Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Minor versioning data.
  • Bug Fix: Markdown: Re-run KSES after processing to account for syntax changes.
  • Bug Fix: Media Extractor: Don’t call a gallery a gallery if it hasn’t got any pictures!
  • Bug Fix: Module Management: Handle a core api change for folks running trunk.
  • Bug Fix: Related Posts: CSS — better clear rows.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Including sharing account on Pinterest unofficial buttons as well.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Properly version external assets by Jetpack release version.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Soundcloud: Backport API compatibility fixes.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Flickr: Tidy up our regex url pattern matching.
  • Bug Fix: Subscriptions: Don’t add ‘Email Address’ as the value — we have placeholders!
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Gallery Widget: Allow folks to upload images from the widget area in the customizer.