Gravity Forms 1.8.21

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.21, from version 1.8.20. Changelog:

  • Added logging statements around post creation.
  • Updated translation in Finnish PO file to fix a javascript error thrown on the entry detail page.
  • Updated notification validation so that it allows a comma separate list of emails in Reply-To (compliant with RFC 5322).
  • Fixed issue where total was displayed as -$0.00 instead of $0.00 in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue where {admin_email} could not be used in notification “To” fields.
  • Fixed conflict with Jetpack by removing unneccessary call to wp_print_scripts().
  • Fixed an issue with the AJAX spinner and the multi-file uploader.
  • Fixed signup URL for reCAPTCHA in error messages.
  • Fixed issue with input-based fields with over 100 inputs.
  • Fixed duplicate choice label causing issues on checkbox and radio button fields when there are multiple forms on one page.
  • Fixed an issue with the results page for forms with a lot of fields on servers with limited resources.
  • Fixed issue with exporting/importing some post field settings.
  • Fixed notice when filter entries with empty filter value.
  • Fixed issue with password field on multi-page forms.
  • Fixed an issue with list field shim when RTL was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the results page where the ‘show more’ link retrieves duplicate values if some values of that field are empty.
  • Fixed issue with section breaks getting displayed on {all_fields_display_empty} even when hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting lead data for checkbox fields did not work when the choice label included quotes.
  • Fixed issue with Sales results incorrectly calculating refunds.
  • Fixed issue with the billing cycle length drop down not showing appropriate numbers in some instances in the Payment Add-On.