Google Analytics by Yoast 5.3

Google Analytics by Yoast was updated to version 5.3, from version 5.2.7. Changelogs:


  • Added an option for entirely disabling the dashboards functionality. If a user disables the dashboard, the menu item gets moved downward since there no longer is a reason for putting it so far up.
  • Improved performance by making sure everything is autoloaded correctly and removing class inclusion checks everywhere.
  • Makes sure the menu items become translatable.
  • Added a button to save the GA authentication code as an alternative to hitting the return button.
  • Format the page views number in the hover label of dashboards.
  • Reduced the number of results retrieved from the Google Analytics API per call from 10,000 to 1,000. This is filterable through yst-ga-filter-api-limit.
  • When toggling checkbox the authentication token input was showing up.
  • Fixed internal links that were being tracked as outbound-article- (with trailing dash).
  • Makes sure re-authentication notice is only shown when authentication has actually failed.
  • Introduces a notice for when authentication isn’t the problem but the plugin was somehow unable to fetch data from GA.
  • Added translations for da_DK, es_MX, fr_FR, it_IT, nb_NO, pl_PL, pt_BR.
  • Updated translations for en_GB, he_IL, nl_NL, ru_RU.


  • Makes sure reauthentication notice is only shown on the GA dashboard page.
  • Fixes a couple of situations in which the GA reauthentication notice was shown erroneously.