iThemes Security 4.5.2

iThemes Security was updated to version 4.5.2, from version 4.4.23. Changelog:

  • New Pro Feature: wp-cli integration
  • New Feature: Temporarily whitelist your IP address via iThemes Sync
  • New Feature: Override proxy IP detection
  • New feature: Hide admin bar (if desired)
  • New Feature: Perform file scan via iThemes Sync
  • New Feature: Perform malware scan via iThemes Sync
  • Enhancement: Added filter to allow for custom log pages
  • Enhancement: Added debug constant to help troubleshoot multiple emails
  • Enhancement: Added constant to force digest emails via wp-cron instead of custom timing
  • Fixed: Various missing variable fixes were added
  • Fixed: MySQL errors on MySQL 5.6 during activation were fixed
  • Fixed: HTML emails now contain HTML tag
  • Fixed: Lockout count in emails should now be more accurate
  • Fixed: Make sure to esc urls on SSL redirects (unreported minor security fix)
  • Fixed: Added filters to SSL to try to catch more assets
  • Fixed: Suspicious query strings feature should no longer conflict with many plugins
  • Fixed: File change detection should no longer throw an error if opendir failed