Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On 2.3

Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On was updated to version 2.3, from version 2.2. Changelog:

  • Added Spanish translation file.
  • Updated strings that were not able to be translated.
  • Updated POT localization file.
  • Fixed a fatal error introduced in 2.2.4 preventing the redirect to PayPal.
  • Fixed issue that, under a specific scenario, causes PayPal to be executed on forms without a PayPal feed.
  • Fixed translation domain on several strings.
  • Fixed issue that when editing an entry after previously editing payment status for that same entry, caused duplicate notes and notifications to be sent.
  • Entries with the Payment Status “Approved” will now utilize the Payment Status “Paid”. Developers with code enhancements based on the “Approved” Payment Status will need to update their code to take this change into account. You can find all of the available payment statuses that will be used above.
  • The feeds have been moved from the PREFIX_rg_paypal table to PREFIX_gf_addon_feed table.
  • Transactions have been moved from the PREFIX_rg_paypal_transaction table to the PREFIX_gf_addon_payment_transaction table.