Gravity Forms 1.8.20

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.20, from version 1.8.19. Changelog:

  • Added extra logging statements for debugging.
  • Added South African Rand currency.
  • Added Portguese translation.
  • Added support for mysql encryption.
  • Added “Processing” as an option for payment status when adding conditional logic rules.
  • Added hook to allow users to disable script tag stripping.
  • Updated merge tag list to exclude credit card field options, except the credit card number (last 4 digits) and credit card type for Confirmations and Notifications.
  • Updated notification’s From Name and Subject to use the Text version of merge tags.
  • Updated notification’s From Name so that it is sanitized before being used.
  • Fixed conflict with WP-reCAPTCHA plugin.
  • Fixed an issue with the multi-file upload field where the paths to the uploaded files can get removed from the entry if a third party add-on processes the entry before Gravity Forms. This fixes a compatibility issue with the Gravity Perks Conditional Logic Perk.
  • Fixed a security issue with the file upload field.
  • Fixed issue with outdated cached version of total field not getting refreshed.
  • Fixed debug notice message.
  • Fixed issue with {ip} merge tag replacing “wrong” IP when resending notifications.
  • Fixed issue with the id attribute for the address field city label.
  • Fixed issue when updating entry with conditional logic fields via the gform_entry_id_pre_save_lead.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic and the gf_inline class.
  • Fixed an issue with the entry list filter, results page filters, export conditional logic where number field values would be treated as strings by the entry search query.
  • Fixed issue causing feeds not to get created when updating add-ons to the framework version.
  • Updated feed field mapping to include credit card number (last 4 digits) and credit card type as choices.
  • Updated feed field mapping to exclude credit card fields as choices.
  • Fixed an issue with the URL for the add-on settings tab.
  • Fixed an issue with GFAPI::update_entry() where empty values are ignored when specifying a different entry ID to the ID in the entry array.
  • Fixed an issue with GFAPI:get_entries() where number field values would be treated as strings.