WordPress SEO 1.7

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.7, from version 1.6.3. Changelog:

  • Adds Twitter inputs to the Social tab.
  • Tries to purge Facebook cache when OpenGraph settings are edited.
  • Added a new box promoting our translation site for non en_US users.
  • Added several new tools (Pinterest Rich Pins, HTML Validation, CSS Validation, Google PageSpeed).
  • Functionality change: when there’s a featured image, output only that for both Twitter and FB, ignore other images in post.
  • UX change: rework logic for showing networks on Social tab, social network no longer shows on social tabs if not enabled in admin.
  • Always output a specific Twitter title and description, as otherwise we can’t overwrite them from metabox.
  • Check for conflicts with other plugins doing XML sitemaps or OpenGraph.
  • Qtip library replaced with Qtip2.
  • Merged several similar translation strings.
  • Several RTL improvements.
  • Several Typo fixes, props.
  • Updated Open Site Explorer Link.
  • Updated all links to use // instead of https:// and http://.
  • When importing from AIOSEO, on finding GA settings, advertise Yoast GA plugin.
  • Makes sure stopwords are only removed from slug on publication.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixes a bug where the wrong image was being displayed in twitter cards.
  • Fixes a bug where facebook would display the wrong image.
  • Fixes a bug where last modified in sitemap was broken.
  • Fixes a bug wher SEO-score heading made the table row jump on hover because there wasn’t enough place left for the down arrow.
  • Removed a couple of languages that were not up to date.