Jetpack by 3.2

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.2, from version 3.1.1. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Speed Improvements (woohoo!).
  • Enhancement: Add site icons: an avatar for your blog.
  • Enhancement: Improvements to API endpoints.
  • Enhancement: Add oEmbed sources (Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vine).
  • Enhancement: Add indicators to make it easier to see which modules are active.
  • Enhancement: Add custom post type: Testimonials.
  • Enhancement: Improve debug tool.
  • Enhancement: Add new ‘Site Logos’ code to theme tools, for themes that opt in to support it.
  • Enhancement: Improved caching for related posts.
  • Enhancement: Added “Remember Me” functionality to Single Sign On.
  • Enhancement: Improved accessibility.
  • Enhancement: Added additional filters to Widget Visibility.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed PHP Notice errors for Likes, Widget Visibility.
  • Bug Fix: Improved RTL on VideoPress admin.
  • Bug Fix: Removed Google+ module (discontinued by Google).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed use of deprecated function in mobile theme.
  • Bug Fix: Various fixes to Tiled Galleries.
  • Bug Fix: Various fixes to Contact Form.
  • Bug Fix: Various fixes to oEmbed.
  • Bug Fix: Various fixes to Single Sign On.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed styles in ShareDaddy.
  • Bug Fix: Better match protocols (http/https) to the site.